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CloudLinux OS is simple to install. Here, you will learn how to convert a cPanel server from CentOS to CloudLinux OS.

First, you will need a software activation key or IP-based license.

To install, open an SSH to your server using your SSH console with any third party application (Putty).

You will need to login server with root level access to proceed.

Here is the command we are using to execute the conversion process:

$ wget

$ sh cldeploy -k <activation_key> # if you have activation key


$ sh cldeploy -i # if you have IP based license

$ reboot


The script will install all the required RPM packages automatically.

Once the installation is completed, the server needs to be rebooted. It is required to boot the server with kernel, which is specifically for the LVE support.

To make sure that the server is running the correct kernel, we can access the server via SSH again and execute the uname -a command.

CloudLinux kernel contains lve name, when you see lve, you’ll know that the server is running using the correct kernel.

After that, you will need to check the WHM interface. As you will see, that LVE Manager plugin has been installed.


All set now CentOS server with cPanel has been successfully converted to CloudLinux OS.

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